Student Services Coordinator, Mrs. Gina Bishop

Student Services

The Student Services program is designed to provide remediation services for those students that are enrolled in a career and technical class. The aspects of the student services program include recruitment, enrollment, and instruction. The program also focuses on preparing students for high-skill and high-wage careers as well as preparing them for possible nontraditional employment.

Student Services Coordinators provide instruction in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing. They also provide any needed assistance in the career and technical classes. Providing individualized instruction for these students helps to ensure their mastery of competencies in addition to giving them the opportunity to learn employability skills that will prepare them for their future and assure their success in the career of their choice!

Those students that receive services from the Student Services Coordinator are identified and categorized according to specific criteria. One of those identified categories is the nontraditional student. A nontraditional student is defined as one who is enrolled in a class where 75% or more of the students are of the other gender. An example of a nontraditional student would be a female that is enrolled in the Agricultural Power and Machinery Operations class.

The instructors at CCCTC welcome these nontraditional students into their classes and the students normally perform very well!

Choctaw County Career and Technology Center’s Student Services Coordinator is Mrs. Gina Bishop